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June is going to be very busy!

3:06PM June 05, 2018





As expected, June is turning out to be a very exciting and productive month for Velocity! On June 1, Kansas Electric Cooperative hosted a safety summit for the contractors who will be installing fiber optics on Butler's electric infrastructure.

Inventory shipments are starting to arrive, and the first strands of 144-count fiber are scheduled to be installed in early June. We deliberately chose this high-count fiber to accommodate future bandwidth needs and customer growth.


KEC Director of LCS&C Larry Detwiler, presented safety standards for fiber optics to BEC staff and contracting crews on June 1.



Tower Construction 


Our broadband project is hybrid in nature, as it is composed of wireless technologies and fiber optics. The technologies provide different strengths and complement one another when working in tandem making the duo the most logical fit for our needs. Fixed wireless is cost effective with a quicker installation process, while fiber provides greater bandwidth and increased reliability. Our electrical infrastructure will provide the frame work for our fiber backbone. A combination of 70 monopoles and towers will be installed for fixed wireless service throughout Butler Electric Cooperative's service territory.


A meeting of the minds took place in Kirk's office last week with Colteur and Wendy.  Joining them was Ricky (left) and Blaine (right) with Pulse. 




Velocity FAQs


Over 1,500 backers signed-up on! We have started to receive many questions on our internet service.  Listed below are the most common questions that we are fielding:

Q: Can I sign up for Velocity services now?

A: Yes! Become a Backer at You will be notified when service    becomes available in your area.

Q: When will Velocity High Speed Internet be available in my home?

A: You should have access to high-speed internet in the next 6 to 12 months,      depending on your location.

Q: How much will Velocity Internet cost?

A: Our pricing starts at $64.95 per month for 25 Mbps.

Q: Will Velocity offer other services as well?

A:  Yes, we plan on offering home telephone, TV services and whole home      managed WIFI! We will add other services as they become available.

Q: Can I purchase Velocity services for my business account?

A: We are scheduled to launch our business service platform in 2019.

Q: Why is Velocity better than my current service?

A: In addition to reliable service, fast speeds and competitive pricing, our staff    has committed to provide the same high-quality experience our electric                members receive.



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